I address Several aspects of Entrepreneurial Finance

The Risk of Debt : Why online revenue stream is a risk mitigating opportunity.

I touch upon what I believe is the difference between investing in an online business as opposed to investing in the stock market

Using Tax Deduction to Finance Your Business

For entrepreneurs, capital is always the main concern. I discuss how tax deduction can help provide a significant portion of that capital and therefore illustrate how starting an online business may be less risky than it can appear at the first sight.

A Comparison between Investing in Crypto/Stocks versus Investing in an Online Business

I discuss the high-level difference between investing in an income generating online business and in cryptocurrency. My idea is that if a stable income is your goal, as opposed to 6 to 36 months return, online business is a more sensible investment. Of course, if you do not need cash flow and have the capital to put at risk you may have a different take on this issue.

Type of Online Businesses and Why they are appealing opportunities

With so many opportunities online, aspiring entrepreneurs are faced with the choice of picking the right business model that suits their aspirations and likes. In this video I discuss the various options available and what makes starting an online business such an appealing proposition.

Considerations arount the cost of starting An online Business

What are the various components of costs connected to online business


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