Online and Offline Businesses

I have built several online businesses part-time working at nights and weekends. I completely appreciate the challenges to do so and to start building a business when you work full time. 

Business 1: Online Productivity Tool


Small businesses and individual around the world often need to extract data from invoices, bill of leading and other PDF or scanned documents. This business has helped hundreds of thousands of user to save time. This business model is known as "Pay as you go".  Learn more.

Business 2: Google Chrome Productivity Tool


SnapCHART is a Google Chrome Plug in that allows individuals and companies to quickly leverage information inside visual graphics such as charts and graphs. Currently, in beta SnapCHART features advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technology.   Learn more.

Business 3: Italian Restaurant

Nando Milano

With a friend of mine, we built a very sought after Chicago Restaurant. We shared the passion for great, exquisite, well presented Italian food alongside with our love to entertain guests and friends.  Learn more.

Business 4 : Artificial Intelligence R&D Company

Tab2ex Vision Technologies

Tab2ex goal is to make machine reading documents like people so that we do not have to do that and we can delegate to machines! Tab2ex performs research and development of advanced vision technologies to understand information from scanned and digital documents.  Tab2ex has an extensive portfolio of pending patents and R&D trade secrets.  Learn more.

Business 5 : Innovation Consulting Company


Innotelligence helps companies and individuals to design products that solve real pains in the market place.  Learn more.

Business 6 : Online Video Interactive Company


NewMedialytic was born to bring more interactivity to users that watch online video content. Its goal was to help people interact with other users while watching a video.  Learn more.

Business 7 : Data Anlytics Consulting


Innolitica used big data and data analysis to improve processes and business outcome for its clients.  Learn more.


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